Training Programmes

Training Programme

The Training Programme component of the DIMAPPP will mix online self-learning courses and face-to-face activities and is constituted by the following key training activities, providing professional certification:
- Introductory Online Training on Public Procurement
- Basic Procurement Training 
- Specialized Procurement Training 
- Highly Specialized Procurement Training 
- Procurement Management Training 
- Refresher courses
Webinars on selected procurement related topics
- Training of trainers for national certified trainers
Orientation courses for different professional bodies

The training programme is a full all-encompassing programme that will go a long way in producing the desired impacts and results. The variety in terms of topics, levels, and target groups makes this component a well-rounded all-inclusive plan for implementation. As a result:

i) A variety of procurement management training activities for goods, works and services will be carried out, which will display processes, procedures, actions and provide participant with skills and knowledge from the basics of procurement to the most advanced and highly complex issues reflecting both the Bangladeshi reality and the multilateral development partners. These courses are designed to tackle all levels of procurement expertise in the country both form public and private sector;

ii) Different other target groups will be trained including Parliament members, Judicial services, Anti-corruption Commission, Junior and civil-service officers, procurement practitioners (private sector in some instances), auditors, finance/accounts officers, NBR officials, local governments elects, journalists, businesses, and civil society;

iii) Capitalization on national capacities (National Certified Trainers and ESCB) is guaranteed as NCTs will conduct, in many instances on ESCB premises, the majority of the courses (with the exception of Specialized and Highly-Specialized courses as well as other advanced courses such as Procurement Management and advanced workshops/webinars;

iv) An important adaptability feature is foreseen by requiring a second round of course update (as needed) based on emerging needs identified or necessitated by Policy Reforms.

Furthermore, technology by offering an online introductory course is a requirement enabling the leveraging of technology to expand the reach and maximize the benefits from this component.

Are you interested in the training activities delivered during the DIMAPPP-CDP project? Download here the PDF of the Annual Capacity Building Programme flyer updated to March 2021.

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