The main activities for each area of the DIMAPPP-CDP project include:

A.         Improving Procurement Management of SPSOs, IMED and CPTU

Facilitate the functioning of the procurement cells (units) in the SPSOs.

Raising awareness of key officials of SPSOs.

Advising on twinning schemes with institutions in other countries.

B.         Procurement professionalization/accreditation program

Developing a multi-tiered comprehensive professional accreditation framework for public procurement professionals.

Monitoring and enhancing the certification process through an online portal.

Providing guidance and support to certified professionals.

C.        Comprehensive procurement training program

Enhancing capacity of SPSOs and other sector agencies by designing and implementing a comprehensive capacity development program.

Designing new courses and updating existing courses (18 different courses).

Enhancing training evaluations through pro-active impact assessment and feedback mechanisms.

Manage capacity-building implementation through Government training institutions (training courses for target 9970 participants).

Monitoring progress and enhance delivery through online portal and database.

Capitalize use of technology to widen out reach.

D.         Further policy reforms

Innovation, modernization and enhancement of the national legal and regulatory framework for procurement, taking into account UN SDGs.

Update standard documents and guidelines to reflect latest procurement act amendments and best practice.

Produce an Asset Disposal policy for Public Procurement.
  • E.         Improvement of the sustainability of ESCB

Support for the sustainability of the ESCB (the main training provider for the project).  

Institutional scanning assessment and advice on institutional strengthening.

Advice on Institutional partnerships.

Supporting ESCB as PP training centre of excellence.

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