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by Cinzia Dolcini - Thursday, 23 April 2020, 8:43 PM

The focus of the DIMAPPP-CDP is to improve Procurement Management Capacity of the 32 public sector organizations (SPSOs) selected for the project.

Each SPSO, including newly selected and previously selected public sector organisations (NSPSOs and PSPSOs) have formed a procurement knowledge and advisory unit, termed a Procurement Cell (or Unit). An assessment conducted at the SPSOs recommended issuing a standard TOR and guidelines for the procurement cells to improve their functionality.

Under the DIMAPPP-CDP component A, ‘Improving Procurement management of SPSOs, IMED and CPTU, a series of ten dedicated workshops is planned to establish these procurement cells as functional units in their respective governmental organisations. The intent is to make senior officials, who are specialized in procurement functions, more aware of the purpose of these cells. To instruct them how to understand the terms of reference (TOR) and cell guidelines and to sensitize them about their own duties and responsibilities, providing them with some criteria for the selection of members and advises how to liaise better with the CPTU for further guidance and to review the recommended processes.


Heads of Agencies partake in launch workshop

The awareness-raising workshops, kicked off with the launch workshop, held on 18th March 2020 at CPTU’s premises in the presence of 35 distinguished participants (Heads of SPSOs/NSPOs, CPTU, World Bank and other high officials). The workshop was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr Abul Mansur Md. Faizullah ndc, Secretary IMED and chaired by Mr Mohammed Abdul Mannan, Acting Director General of CPTU; Mr Shish Haider Chowdhury, Director, Coordination & Training of CPTU and Component Director, DIMAPPP-CDP component; Mr Richard Lorenz, Team Leader for ITCILO DIMAPPP-CDP, Mr Md. Wasim Jabber, Deputy Team Leader for ITCILO DIMAPPP-CDP and other distinguished guests, consultants and staff.

During this launch workshop, after introductions by the DG of CPTU, the Director, Coordination and Training, CPTU and the ITCILO DIMAPPP-CDP Team Leader, the ITCILO consultant Mr. Mohammad Mesbahuddin with the Deputy Team Leader for ITCILO DIMAPPP-CDP presented the findings and recommendations of the comprehensive assessment of the SPSOs/NSPSOs conducted by ITCILO in 2019, on behalf of CPTU, and the proposed Terms of Reference (TOR) of Procurement Cell/Units.

This opened an extremely fruitful debate among participants, facilitated by the Training Director of CPTU, where the heads of agencies discussed how best to capacitate the cells, how to monitor staff performance, how to determine the roadmap for organisational learning and other matters. This group discussion concluded with a collection of opinions and feedbacks that will be helpful to enrich and finalize the TOR and guidelines of Procurement Cell/Units.

Therefor the main objective of this workshop was fulfilled; that the SPSOs/NSPSOs will subsequently adopt and enact the agreed recommendations, guidelines and TOR for the Procurement cells within their respective organisations.

A final report on “Assessment of Procurement Cells/Unit within the Selected Public Sector Organizations (SPSOs)” inclusive of all the collected participants’ feedbacks, will be submitted to CPTU and after getting approval, another nine workshops will be held with Procurement Cell members and senior/ mid-level officials where they will be informed about their responsibilities and as well as the applicable training needed for their role in the procurement cell.