W1 - Procurement awareness workshops for policy-level and senior officials

Most of the key policy makers, head of agencies and public officials at various tiers of SSOs will undergo this short course half-day specifically designed on the basis of procurement rules and associated approval process with general idea on e-GP system. The objective is to help facilitate an efficient procurement approval process with reduced time lag and to promote sustainable procurement and gender equality.

The overall objective of this workshop is that Key Officials’ awareness is raised with regard to the procurement process and their key role within this process (policy changes, guidance, approvals, review, e-GP process, etc.).

The workshop content is displayed as follows:

Public Procurement System and Legal framework

- Goal and Principles of Public Procurement
- Overview of PPA 2006 and PPR 2008
- e-Government Procurement
- Sustainable procurement

W2 - Procurement workshop for bidding community/ civil society

This workshop is mainly targeted to  tendering   community / civil society for making them aware of the procurement key steps and awareness about public procurement and their engagement as stakeholders. It helps participant in understanding of the fundamentals of Procurement and how to pursue business opportunities, and in capacity building for SMEs in order to comprehend how to win tenders and haw to managed it in the most efficient and effective way considering also the efficient resource management for equitable and sustainable development.

The overall objective of this workshop is that participants know public procurement deeply and learn the role they have in the public procurement process.

The course is based on the set of training material. In general the course will cover the overview of Procurement Principles, the overview of various standard tender documents (What to look at first?), Preparing your tender or proposal (where to find and how to read procurement documents, prepare the time planning in order to prioritize the activities for submission of a responsive offer) and a simulation of a  tender opening activities.

The first part refers to “fundamentals of procurement” and the second part to “Capacity building for SMEs”.

W3 - Other workshops

Effective management systems are indispensable for the economic and timely operation of Public Procurement systems, considering also the rapid development of the market and regulation. National workshops concerning procurement and associated matters, for example, insurance, dispute resolution, Incoterm, contract management can have a strategic role for the achievement of efficient and sustainable procurement.

The overall objective of this workshop is that participants learn specialized topics from within the public procurement knowledge areas that require particular attention through dedicated workshops.

Workshops will cover a variety of aspects connected to insurance, INCOTERMs and sustainability.

For example, insurance operates to allocate the risk and incidence of loss throughout society and affects every individual and business directly or indirectly. Moreover, whether the buyer or the seller carries the cost and risk of stuffing the container must be decided before tender ding is conducted and the correct INCOTERMs used in the tender ding document. Finally, procurement is called sustainable when organisations put in place processes whereby they meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves “value for money on a whole life basis” in terms of generating benefits to the organisation, society and economy, whilst minimising damage to the environment.